Headspace, NHS hackathons and Quicker app and digital triage with AI

Welcome to the eGPlearning Podblast episode 3.

Firstly: belated Merry Christmas from Andy and Gandhi

eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech talk by two Nottingham based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators.

Hosted by myself Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) owner of eGPlearning and Dr Andrew Foster (@drawfoster) of

This episode begins with a review of our previous episode and then we cover the mindfulness app Headspace (4.12), NHS hackathons (14.20), and NHS Quicker app (21.30). We also talk more about the concept of using digital triage and AI in a primary care setting (17.30).

The podcast format is free and easy listening with further support our show notes as below.

We hope you find this useful, spread the word and engage with us. Please comment below.


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Introductions and declaration of interests

Dr Andrew Foster:

    • GP Partner Nottingham


    • Director NCGPA – Nottingham GP Federation



    • RCGP Vale of Trent Faculty Honorary Secretary



Dr Hussain Gandhi:

    • GP Partner and trainer in Nottingham


    • Former Chair RCGP Vale of Trent Faculty


    • Treasurer GP Survival


    • Owner SystmOne Facebook User Group




Feedback from Dr Sonali Kinra @SonaliKinra and Nottingham City GP Alliance @NCGPANottm and members of our local Nottingham LMC (@nottslmc).

Indirect feedback from Dr Mike Farquhar (@DrMikeFarquhar) on Sleepio and an alternate resource:  a book by Colin Espie : Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep problems: A self help Guide using Cognitive behavioral Therapy.



Until end of Jan sign up for a 40% discount.


Slashing queues, helping new mothers: NHS explores apps for care in a digital age:

The Guardian article covered hackathons and how the developments could be used to help patients via the  NHSIdeasLab event supported by NHSE and Tony Young – National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHSE


NHS quicker app article

Dr Hussain Gandhi
m: .
a: Nottingham UK
w:  e: [email protected]
Technology enhanced Primary Care learning

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