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Hello eGPlearners.

I wanted to let you know about a diverse paediatric based resource for managing our smaller patients called @paedspearls

Created by Dr Julia Thomson based in London, PaediatricPearls is a comprehensive site maintained by Dr Thomson and a team of paeds clinicians. The key sections of use for primary care are the primary care guidelines and the PDF updates.

The primary care guidelines are a diverse collection of resources from various trusts with clinical guidance on most health-related topics. Clearly take this into context but given it is UK primary care focused this is quite useful and effective

The PDF digests are a good read for CPD and showing to patients. Covering many new topics, recently a focus on constipation and UTIs following the change in NICE guidance.

I find them a handy update and worth signing up to the blog for.

Take a look and feedback below your view on what may be a useful primary care resource.



Also if you are looking for more paediatric based primary care resources check out the paediatrics resource page on eGPlearning.


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