eGPlearning is a site designed to help with technology-enhanced primary care and learning. 


Hussain ‘DrGandalf’ Gandhi provides a range of services to improve digital primary care. This includes health tech consultancy, social media training for clinicians, video consultation skills training and med tech reviews.

If you are interested in these see contact either on twitter or via email.

Dr Gandalf’s Ramblings

Click here to read DrGandalf’s blog as he talks about how technology can enhance primary care and learning- and a few other things like the best GP equipment


eGPlearning has a variety of resources to help in clinical working , from general, clinical to pastoral. See the tabs above.


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eGPlearning Podblast

Subscribe and listen to the UK’s leading primary care focused health tech podcast by two GPs – Andy and Gandhi. We cover a variety of areas like deep dives into the health tech that impacts primary care like video consultations, artificial intelligence and wearables to name a few. In addition, we interview notable health teach entrepreneurs who provide resources for primary care to work smarter, faster and help you to be more effective.

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