e-learning modules are now fast becoming a cornerstone of the learning process. easily accessible, educational and allowing for effective self-directed learning, they are a valuable tool for all to use.

Outlined below are some of the common sites to use

Essential Knowledge updates: Fast becoming a paramount resource in terms of keeping up to date. Launched at present bi-annually, update courses aimed at updating knowledge, followed by the Knowledge Challenges, aimed at enhancing the learning experience. Very useful for AiTs or GPs alike, and free if a member of the RCGP.

 : A free to use service via e-learning for health, supported by the RCGP, provides an expanding and easy to use vault of e-learning modules, generating certificates and linkable to the trainee e-portfolio. A great example of what can be done with the web, just can be a bit tricky to get into!

doctors.net.uk: Offers both a community haven for all doctors, and a learning resource of good depth and quality. The e-learning modules are easy to use, giving a storable certificate and some tailored specifically for GP.


OnMedica: A website based on integrating journalism and online information with clinical practice. Good resource with own PDP tracker.