e-learning modules are now fast becoming a cornerstone of the learning process. easily accessible, educational and allowing for effective self-directed learning, they are a valuable tool for all to use.

Outlined below are some of the common sites to use

The RCGP online learning environment is a diverse suite of elearning tools. Free for members and continuously updated they provide rapid and effective elearning when you need it, either as packages or blended courses.

Essential Knowledge updates: Fast becoming a paramount resource in terms of keeping up to date. Launched at present bi-annually, update courses aimed at updating knowledge, followed by the Knowledge Challenges, aimed at enhancing the learning experience. Very useful for AiTs or GPs alike, and free if a member of the RCGP.

 : A free to use service via e-learning for health, supported by the RCGP, provides an expanding and easy to use vault of e-learning modules, generating certificates and linkable to the trainee e-portfolio. A great example of what can be done with the web, just can be a bit tricky to get into!

doctors.net.uk: Offers both a community haven for all doctors, and a learning resource of good depth and quality. The e-learning modules are easy to use, giving a storable certificate and some tailored specifically for GP.

BMJ learning is a tried and trusted resource for elearning and free to BMA members. Covering almost every topic in medicine and more the session can provide valuable CPD points on specific learning needs.

Both PulseToday and GP Online offer their own elearning suites as part of their newspaper offerings. Each contains good content but comes with additional cost.

Univadis is the back end of GP Notebook which provides detailed elearning suites, many of which are former BMJ learning packages.

OnMedica: A website based on integrating journalism and online information with clinical practice. A Good resource with own PDP tracker.