Musculoskeletal and pain

Musculoskeletal and pain

Key resource: For a comprehensive site to look at musculoskeletal issues, I highly recommend OrthoBullets. This site is a complete learning system designed for orthopaedic specialists. However, the free access parts are detailed with assessment methods for almost every orthopaedic condition. This includes images and videos for assessment methods and guidance on treatment. From a clinician perspective in primary care, this site is exceptionally useful. a look at the ARC site which provides a great resource for support for patients with arthritis and musculoskeletal health issues.

Further information on links to physiotherapy leaflets can be found on the Resources- General page under the summit medical group heading.

Managing pain can be difficult, check out the Pain toolkit which is a vital resource as it written by a patient, for patients, with very good advice!

You may be asked to sign ‘fitness’ forms such as marathons, cycling etc. These are not within the competency of General Practice and should not be done. See here for an alternative source to direct patients if full certification requested.


For help with managing pain, have a read of the NICE guidance on neuropathic pain. or there is the SIGN guidance for chronic pain management.

For more unusual issues, neurosymptoms is an excellent tool to help understand functional ad dissociative neurological symptoms.