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Dear Dr Gandalf,
I started viewing your YouTube videos when we started having to do a lot of remote consulting.
I have been working with SystmOne for a number of years and over the last year have really worked on improving templates within our practice to improve clinical safety.
I share these in our surgery but I do feel that I would like to be in a position to try and share these more widely or do teaching sessions for a wider audience and Wonder if you could advise me as to how to do this. I am a GP trainer so have been teaching all the registrars who join us how to use and develop templates and this has been successful but it feels like this is not an efficient way to share the knowledge that could make patient care better.

The work you are doing sounds great. You have a few options. Templates can be shared by exporting them and placing on a website or cloud server like dropbox for people to download. I have done that with simple things like formularies and autoconsultations. The slight challenge is ensuring any views are also exported. 

The other option is to open the access so anyone can search for your templates and download them in S1. 
A few companies do this like Ardens and PrimaryCareIT. 
You could make this access local, regional or wider depending on what and how you want to do this. 

Another option is to video your use of the templates and share as above. This acts as both a demonstration and a reference point. 

Does that help? Happy to talk through further if you want?

I want to run a survey in practice but survey monkey has gone too pricey for me . I need the ability to have free text as i am asking colleagues questions . Happy to pay some money but there’s is too pricey for. 2 max surveys
Can you advise ?

I personally use google forms, they are very versatile, easy to use and free. Microsoft has their forms module in Teams which is pretty good but not all areas have switched this on so you may or may not have access. 

Alternative paid options (that also have free components) are Typeform which I love, but I switched to Google forms as it integrates with my workflow easier. 
Aside from Microsoft forms though non of these options can be used with NHS patient data. 

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