Endocrine and skin

Them crazy hormones!!!

For any GP understanding of Diabetes is essential. Here is the new pathway from NICE re management. Or you can use this useful site for supplementary information and CPD tools by diabetsandprimarycare

Osteoporosis is a building health topic, and one if treated right can reduce the cost on the NHS. One method of the assessment if calculating a person’s risk, and the tool like FRAX can help do that.

Alternately print off this questionnaire and hand to your patients to fill in.

Vitamin D: oh how you complicate general practice! The most recent guidance until the awaited NICE guidance is by the National Osteoporosis Society available here.

If you find contraception confusing, look at the FSRH guidance found here.

And for the other end of the spectrum look at menopause matters for support and guidance


For the skin there are two resources that are excellent:

DermnetNZ is a librabry of skin conditions and guidance

British association of Dermatology is almost as diverse but based on UK guidance.