Here is my online list of recommended items to buy.

First off I guess is the tools we carry:

  • The infamous GP bag: The type of which is based on yourself, although most would concede that a hard bag is best, as it can act as a seat on home visits. This is very important to avoiding sitting in that wet patch on the sofa, or as infection control would describe, will aid in reducing transmission across contaminated areas.
  • Stethoscope; essential as always
  • Syphgmomanometer;
  • Thermometer & Covers: digital tend to be favoured as less likely to leak mercury everywhere if broken
  • Peak Flow meter;
  • Reflex hammer;
  • Torch;
  • Tongue Depressors;
  • Alcohol sterets;
  • Ophthalmoscope/otoscope set with blue light filter;
  • Fluoresceine stain;
  • Speculae; box for used ones and other bits;
  • Gloves, mask and lubricating jelly;
  • Tape Measure;
  • Pulse oximeter: invaluable if querying a PE;
  • Predicted Peak Flow Calculator;
  • Obstetric Calculator;
  • Urine bottles;
  • Urine Dip sticks;
  • Tourniquet;
  • Sharps box and disposal bag –  safer for everyone;
  • Magnifying glass.