Part of GP is to have indemnity cover. Why? Well most people would have car or home insurance for when things went wrong, and essentially that is how indemnity is considered.
It is also a necessity in terms of most contracts for working life.

However it can also be seen as a useful tool. All of the main indemnity providers also are partnered with educational resources like exam resource sites, literature, and conference occasions.

The information given can be useful in changing practice and identifying alternate methods of working, but at the same time can allow a practitioner to see a case or scenario from another perspective.

Below is a brief guide to the indemnity providers in the UK, and contact details.

MDU (Medical Defence Union)

Phone: 0800 716 376

MPS (Medical Protection Society)

Phone: 0845 605 4000

MDDUS (Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland)

Phone: 0845 270 2034