What is technology enhanced primary care and learning by DrGandalf

Have you ever felt that you could enhance your continuous professional development (CPD) learning so that it was easier to do?

Have you felt you are not using social media or health tech to its full potential?

Have you struggled to manage your productivity – either individual or as part of an organisation?

Many healthcare professionals like doctors, GPs, physicians, nurses and allied health workers could make their lives simpler and easier by using simple tech hacks.

Let me see if I can help you do that.

I am Dr Hussain Gandhi aka DrGandalf

I am a GP partner and trainer at Wellspring Surgery St Anns in Nottingham, England who trains other GPs and medical students.

I am the youngest ever Chair of the local RCGP Vale of Trent faculty, and currently sit on the local faculty board. I have also been elected as a National Representative to the RCGP council for 2018-2021.

I am a PCN CD for my local area : @ncepcn.

I am the treasurer of GPSurvival.

I am a local representative of the Nottinghamshire LMC. 

I do health tech consultancy work for organisations such as NCGPA, Connected Nottinghamshire, and other groups. I am currently under an honorary (unpaid) contract with PrimaryCareIT, and am an affiliate partner for KeyQwik and Medics Money.

I am a clinical digital lead for Nottinghamshire ICS.

I am a published author –

I have written multiple paid articles for Pulse, HTN, InnovAiT, BJGP, and other publications. I have also done presentations for various organisations in person and recorded like Red Whale, Arora Med, RCGP, Takeda, and other organisations.

I am a website owner of eGPlearning and DrGandalfGames

I created an app

I run podcasts:  eGPlearning Podblast ( the UK’s most popular health tech podcast for primary care) and for the RCGP InnovAiT team

I am a YouTuber!

I run the SystmOne Facebook User Group (S1 FBUG) and the eGPlearning group.

I hold other roles including trustee of a charity and a minor shareowner in Zoomdoc, Q Doctors, and Digitalis. I also earn via affiliates with various companies of items I use, these are declared in each episode or with #Ad.

I am a self-professed Timelord Istari and tech geek.

I can help.

Join below for a free gift and a taster of what we can achieve together.

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