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Do you need some Headspace?

Do you need some Headspace? Hi #eGPlearners do you need some Headspace? Working in healthcare whether as a GP, part of the primary care team or in hospitals can be emotionally stressful. There are many ways to manage stress and lately mindfulness is seen as an effective tool to support stress management. But access can be tricky […]


Headspace, NHS hackathons and Quicker app and digital triage with AI

Welcome to the eGPlearning Podblast episode 3. Firstly: belated Merry Christmas from Andy and Gandhi eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech talk by two Nottingham based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators. Hosted by myself Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) owner of eGPlearning and Dr Andrew Foster […]