Welcome back listeners to our latest eGPlearning Podblast episode.

The eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech update by two Nottingham based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators.

Hosted by myself  Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) and Dr Andrew Foster (@drawfoster).

This episode begins with a review of our previous episode and individual updates(2.00) and then we cover an ENT focussed app Cupris (3.22), a depression assessment tool app called Moodpath (11.16) and cover a Nottingham based news story on eprescribing that may bring in national changes (21.44).

Listen below on SoundCloud via our player, or links below for iTunes or Stitcher.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/egplearning-podblast/id1325540249?mt=2

Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/egplearning


The shownotes are below:



Hussain Gandhi: Profile

Andrew Foster: avoidingpuddles

Feedback on the previous episode:

@NCGPA_nottm office enjoyed the shorter format and thanked us for shout out

@NHSideas lab – glad to be included

Helen Jackson @DeckofPandas responded and suggested we talk

@JThambyrajah – enjoyed the podcast for first time – fascinating and informative – on itunes, first5 lead southwest Thames.

@SonaliKinra – hope to hear more about hackathons


What have we been doing recently:

Gandhi – An update to the egplearning site on the paediatric resources including information about paediatric pearls website

Andy – refresh of signpostinghealth.com and welcomed Leeds practices


Nice updates/ apps review

Cupris: TYM smartphone otoscope for imaging and videoing the external ear canal and eardrum



Creator : Jules Hamman

Met at Doctorprenuer conference.


A depression assessment tool.

The science: https://www.moodpath.de/en/science/

Aurora health is the back-end psychology support. Site is in German.



EPS: flagging urgent prescriptions, news coverage on the coroner report. https://www.chemistanddruggist.co.uk/news/coroner-calls-eps-improvements-following-patient-death

BMA response:

Dr Hussain Gandhi
m: .
a: Nottingham UK
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Technology enhanced Primary Care learning


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