Cupris, Moodpath and e-prescibing

Welcome back listeners to our latest eGPlearning Podblast episode.

The eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech update by two Nottingham based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators.

Hosted by myself  Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) and Dr Andrew Foster (@drawfoster).

This episode begins with a review of our previous episode and individual updates(2.00) and then we cover an ENT focussed app Cupris (3.22), a depression assessment tool app called Moodpath (11.16) and cover a Nottingham based news story on eprescribing that may bring in national changes (21.44).

Listen below on SoundCloud via our player, or links below for iTunes or Stitcher.




The shownotes are below:



Hussain Gandhi: Profile

Andrew Foster: avoidingpuddles

Feedback on the previous episode:

@NCGPA_nottm office enjoyed the shorter format and thanked us for shout out

@NHSideas lab – glad to be included

Helen Jackson @DeckofPandas responded and suggested we talk

@JThambyrajah – enjoyed the podcast for first time – fascinating and informative – on itunes, first5 lead southwest Thames.

@SonaliKinra – hope to hear more about hackathons


What have we been doing recently:

Gandhi – An update to the egplearning site on the paediatric resources including information about paediatric pearls website

Andy – refresh of and welcomed Leeds practices


Nice updates/ apps review

Cupris: TYM smartphone otoscope for imaging and videoing the external ear canal and eardrum

Creator : Jules Hamman

Met at Doctorprenuer conference.


A depression assessment tool.

The science:

Aurora health is the back-end psychology support. Site is in German.



EPS: flagging urgent prescriptions, news coverage on the coroner report.

BMA response:

Dr Hussain Gandhi
m: .
a: Nottingham UK
w:  e: [email protected]
Technology enhanced Primary Care learning


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