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Financial advice for GPs and other doctors

Financial advice for GPs and other doctors

Do you want financial advice as a GP or a doctor, but struggle to know where to look? Learn about tax rebates, pensions, mortgages, and sound financial planning as a GP or doctor. 

This episode is created with Medics Money and sponsored by the GP Task Force Derbyshire – providing wrap-around support for Derbyshire General Practice. 

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This episode is a discussion between myself and Guy Roper – an independent Financial advisor (IFA) from Sunrise Independent Financial Advisers and Tommy Perkins of Medics Money about how to manage your finances and where to look for help.

We cover:

03:10 Claim you tax rebates link to guide: see link below

03:50 Sort out your tax code – Further guides on

04:50 Tax supported childcare and advice from

05:50 Money advice for GPs –

07:00 Mileage and how to make it less complicated  

08:00 Keep records

08:40 A simple guide to the NHS pension ?

12:00 Pension advice for GPs –

12:30 Should in stay in the NHS pension

15:10 What is an IFA?

16:20 How do you evaluate who is a good IFA?

20:20 What should I take to my first meeting with an IFA?

21:55 How much would an IFA cost?

22:40 How can I get a mortgage as a GP?

25:20 Key tips from an IFA for GPs

26:40 Clean up your outgoings – see our GP budget tool for help

27:40 Financial planning to save money

29:40 How to manage portfolio working and your finances.

31:20 Do you need an accountant? – YES!

Find Guy here, or at Medics Money

Use this link to see how to claim your tax rebate

And here is a complete guide to Mortgages for GPs

Thank you to the GP Taskforce – providing wrap-around care for General Practice, for sponsoring this video and see our other content sponsored by them specifically for newly qualified GPs. 

Also thank you to Medics Money for their advice, check them out at Medics Money

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