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eGPlearning TipThursday- Clarity toolkit

eGPlearning TipThursday – Clarity Toolkit

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Welcome to the weekly showcase of Technology-enhanced primary & learning resources from eGPlearning.

This week is a slight departure from form, as I look at one of the market leaders of eportfolios- the Clarity appraisal toolkit

A few years ago the RCGP transferred all of its members to Clarity. This agreed free period for RCGP members is now coming to an end and from September you will have to pay to access the toolkit. (RCGP members will still get a 25% discount)

As part of this Clarity are offering two options. The Clarity toolkit, or Clarity Plus which comes with their elearning platform and free paper PSQ forms. 

Check out the review to see my perspective on the toolkit and if it is worth the money. 

Also mentioned in this video are NB Medical and Digitalis

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Detailed review

I wouldn’t pay for it. 


Clarity have a tried and tested toolkit that is favoured by many appraisers. However the interface is a little dated and the aesthetic presentation of information could be improved. There is an app but the Digitalis interface is much better. 

The two tier offering of Clarity vs Clarity Plus is an interesting tactic. 

First there is no point paying for the extra years as this brings no benefit. This seems a silly marketing mistake. If you are going to buy it, pay per year as locking yourself in compared to what other providers will offer seems silly for no benefit. 

The elearning platform they are offering is new. If this is backed by NB medical or the RCGP then there is a clear pedigree of resources but this is not clear. This is not mentioned so far. The paper PSQ for free as part of Clarity Plus is also misleading because the sign up page suggests this is only if you sign up for multiple years – not just for signing up for Clarity Plus. Also paying for the standard Clarity toolkit then paying for the paper PSQ is cheaper than paying annually for Clarity Plus each year. 

In summary, whatever Clarity have done seems bizarre as a marketing ploy and seems they are banking on user apathy to change. 

Other platforms such as GPTools and Fourteen Fish in my view do the job either in a more user friendly way or cheaper. The main benefit is the added elearning suite and linking with other platforms – which if you do not use are pointless. 

Technology-enhanced primary care & learning

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