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eGPlearning TipThursday – Medstopper

eGPlearning TipThursday – Medstopper

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Welcome to the weekly showcase of Technology-enhanced primary & learning resources from eGPlearning.

This week we look at a prescribing support website to tackle polypharmacy called Medstopper, which is available on our Resources- General page.

Medstopper ( is a great site that helps you evaluate the medications a patient is taking, and rank them in order of priority to stop each one based on validated criteria. The site offers advice on how to stop and the benefits and risks. In addition, it will print an easy to read plan you can give the patient to support this clinical aim. 

The site is american based hence be wary of what you type (acitomenophen not paracetomol) but it works well with clear advice and easy to use functionality. 

Explore the site and let us know what you think. Subscribe to our channels below to be kept up to date on the latest TipThursday and other resources. 


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