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Using AskMyGP in General Practice

Using AskMyGP in General Practice with Dr Dave Triska

Are you using or considering using AskMyGP in your practice? In this episode, I talk with Dr Dave Triska as he shows us how it may improve your practice, see below for all the details. ?

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This episode is a full guide to integrating online consultations provided by AskMyGp in your practice and how it can help your patients and staff. 

02:10 Starting with AskMyGP

05:00 Why is AskMyGP useful?

06:45 Test the system as a patient

07:30 What is the patient experience with AskMyGP?

09:20 The analytical information offered by AskMyGP..

10:20 The analytics offered by AskMyGP

11:40 Matching capacity to demand

12:50 Doesn’t the patient ALWAYS want to see the GP?

14:10 What is the doctor’s day like using AskMyGP?

15:40 How does AskMyGP work for half-day workers?

17:10 How does AskMyGP work for GP trainees?

19:30 How does AskMyGP work for other members of the primary care team?

21:25 Developing a practice MDT approach

22:25 How does it work for practices that rapidly started using AskMyGP?

23:40 Dave’s top three tips for using AskMyGP

25:10 The big tip to using AskMyGP

27:40 How can AskMyGP help patients with challenges like language/ learning difficulties etc. 

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Declaration: neither I nor Dr Dave Triska are paid by AskMyGP for this video or have funded links with the company. 

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2 replies on “Using AskMyGP in General Practice”

I have since end of Sept of purchase of this new Samsung mobile I am unable to access y established askmygp , this had all my symptoms etc also GP answers which they say is all at the surgery computers. It was not letting me in in spite of my usual details. Then my mobile text that I need to use Javascript which I see is mentioned , can you instruct me further ,? Thankyou.

Hello, seems like you have an issue with AskMyGp software. I would report it to the company to see what issue they have. Apologies but I don’t know how to fix this issue.

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