Have you started using Google My Business for your practice/clinic? No….then watch this to see why you MUST start using it and how with tips below ?

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Learn how to use Google My Business for your medical practice or clinic, in this walkthrough guide of which parts are relevant for General Practice or any medical practice. 

01:35 Why should you use Google My Business for your practice

03:50 GMB home page

05:50 What GMB looks like from the user perspective

07:40 GMB Posts

10:30 GMB info area – MUST DO!!!!!

12:55 GMB Insights

15:00 GMB Reviews

15:50 GMB Photos

16:30 GMB Products

17:30 GMB Services

18:45 How ALL practices should use Google My Business

The best social media tool for practices: Publer: https://youtu.be/ORkFFyY2dkA

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How to register with the NHS app: https://youtu.be/4nRhmJ_tlI4?t=65

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