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Best Timer for GP training

Best timer for GP training- TimeQube

Do you need a timer to help you at work that doesn’t interfere with your consultation? See my review of TimeQube

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Keeping to time in General Practice is a major challenge, one many of us struggle with. Timers can help but many are obstructive to the flow of the consultation and can make either the clinician or patient feel rushed.

That is why I really like TimeQube as it is simple and does not intrude in my consultation.

Declaration: I was sent a TimeQube for free after wanting to see if it works- and it does.

How TimeQube works

Set the TimeQube to the relevant preset (ie 5/10 or 15 mins for general practice) then a quick tap and it starts. The TimeQube will stay green for the first 50%, then turn amber until only 10% of your time remains and when your time has run out, it will pulse red. To reset just give it a quick tap. Simples.

It works really well and I have enjoyed using it. So have my trainees and this is where it has a real use.

Helping to show trainees how their time is tracking without interfering in the consultation is amazing.

Other timer options.

Other physical timers like sand timers can work but are hard to reset instantly especially if you finish early.

Other digital timers or screen timers often use alarms or a few clicks to reset rather than a quick option.

The TimeQube even has a Pomodoro timer of 25 mins which can be useful for batch working and improving your productivity.

I find it really useful and if you want to have one grab it here via my affiliate link or just google TimeQube. But be sure to get the home office version which has the correct presets.

Alternately they have a free digital timer you can use on their website.

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