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Improve YOUR productivity in General Practice

Improve YOUR productivity in General Practice – as a clinician or leader.

Improve your productivity in General Practice as a GP or clinical director with simple quick and actionable tips and apps to make your life easier and save you time.

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In this episode:

Hear the challenges many clinicians face in being productive in general practice

Learn resources to improve your productivity with quick and simple changes you can make

Hear about the apps and tools you can use in both clinical and leadership/ administrative roles to save your time.

Links mentioned:

Ike app : combine the Eisenhower matrix with an app Notion: make lists easily :

Bullet Journalling:

Habitica: an app to help you build habits –

Clockify: track your time with ease.

Zoom – web conferencing made easy sign up here.

Teamnet – provided by Clarity – a practice management suite for primary care

Whatsapp or Telegram – communication made easy

Mighty Networks – create your own community

Mailchimp or Mailer Lite- make your own newsletter – covered in the email use in general practice.

DR PESTLES: Find the needs of your practices and PCNs. 

Calendly – automate your calendar –

Grammerly – improve your writing with ease. 

Cloud writing: via Evernote, G Drive or Office – take your pick. 

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