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This episode looks at a fun way of building up good habits. Habitica is an app that allows completing your to-do list, to level up your own personalised character to go off onto quests and slay the perils of bad habits.

OK, it a little geeky…… but so much fun. Using the concept of gamification to help you complete your to-do list is a great concept.

By completing habits you gain money, health and experience points. If you do not, or you do a negative habit then you lose health.

The better you do, the more experienced your character becomes and the more loot you get to buy. Check out my level 15 mage.

I like the fact you can split tasks into parts, great for project managing and promoting engagement.

You can also go on quests, check out the tavern or join guilds just like in other more developed games.

I do like this. It is a fun way to help with developing habits. It is not my main to-do list method, but the habit creation side is useful.

The interface could be a little slicker and more attractive, but overall a fun little app.

If you like games, and need to develop your habit tendencies this should be a good fit.

Download it and give it a try.

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