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Video consultations: Top Tips for GPs and primary care

Watch this video for my top 5 tips for doing effective patient video consultations as a GP or in primary care. Subscribe below for more… ? Subscribe😕 In this video see my top 5 tips to doing effective patient consultations by a video of telemedicine interface. If you do consultations by this route – learn […]


Medic Bleep – The Whatsapp of healthcare?

Medic Bleep – The Whatsapp of healthcare? Do you want to learn about Medic Bleep – a safe and effective clinical alternative to Whatsapp for clinicians? Listen to this episode with the CEO of Medic Creations – Sandeep Bansal as we talk about the safe and responsible use of technology in primary care, Medic Bleep […]

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What is ORCHA by eGPlearning Podblast

What is ORCHA? In this episode of the eGPlearning Podblast Andy and Gandhi interview Liz Ashall-Payne the innovative CEO of ORCHA (Organisation for Review of Care and Healthcare Applications). She is also the recent winner of the Tech CEO of 2019 award. Watch or listen as Andy and Gandhi learn about Liz’s journey as a […]

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PCN and GP Practice Planning tool- DR PESTLES

If you want a resource to help you plan your primary care network (PCN) or GP practice then use DR PESTLES. The video below explains the resource and how you can use it to plan local healthcare delivery. Click the image to see it in full. DR PESTLES helps you explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, […]

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The future of Nottingham digital healthcare by Connected Nottinghamshire.

This episode if a live podcast recording at the Nottingham CCG #NottsGPNelearning practice learning event covering the future of Nottingham’s digital healthcare. Hear Andy Evans of Connected Nottinghamshire (@connectednotts) talk about the development of the Nottingham Digital journey for patients and how healthcare is developing in Nottingham. This engaging talk will explain why patients may […]