Medic Bleep – The Whatsapp of healthcare?

Medic Bleep – The Whatsapp of healthcare?

Do you want to learn about Medic Bleep – a safe and effective clinical alternative to Whatsapp for clinicians? Listen to this episode with the CEO of Medic Creations – Sandeep Bansal as we talk about the safe and responsible use of technology in primary care, Medic Bleep and more. 

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In this episode listen to Dr Gandalf talk with Dr Sandeep Bansal, CEO of Medic Creations which has created Medic Bleep – a safe and effective alternative to Whatsapp for clinicians.

We start by hearing Sandeep’s personal journey from GP trainee to health tech entrepreneur. We hear how he changed the direction of the product to make it safe and responsible in use and the impact it had on patient care.

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Here is the link to the peer review article on Medic Bleep.

We also hear how you can use Medic Bleep in your area, particularly in the wake of the pager ban in UK health care by Matt Hancock.

Finally, hear Sandeep’s favourite work and non-work app and his innovative answer on how to spend £100 million on health tech with no red tape.

Streak: Smarter email management.
Football manager: The app Sandeep plays when he gets a spare minute.

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