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Streamline your GP electronic medical records process with eMR

Streamline your GP electronic medical records process with eMR

Save your practice time, workload and money at the same time? Can EMR by Medi2Data help do this for you by streamlining your electronic medical records process for SARs and insurance reports? Lets see…

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01:40 What is eMR?

03:50 How can eMR help with remote working? if interested contact [email protected]

05:10 How can eMR help manage SARs (subject access requests)

12:50 How does redaction work in eMR?

21:00 What does the patient experience?

23:15 What are the benefits of eMR for SARs?

25:30 How does eMR help with reports?

34:20 How are fees streamlined in eMR?

36:20 Finance vs workload- consider the balance

38:30 eGPlearner questions answered

38:50 How would a practice process a request?

44:10 Which systems does eMR work on?

45:55 What is the data governance like?

47:20 How does eMR deal with physical notes?

48:00 How can PCNs use eMR?

49:10 How is Medi2data helping with COVID?

Contact Richard at or [email protected]

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