Primary Care Bargains

Check out this page to see primary care bargains found by DrGandalf for you, your practice, or your patients.

First, check out the last day for our MS Teams for NHS user conference early bird special which ends today. After that, it goes up. With over 8 hours of MS Teams content to use it better, you will not want to miss this experience.

Also, check out the Black Friday offers on previous conferences and courses by eGPlearning with 20% of all courses today only.

In addition, if you have seen The Iceberg of General Practice graphic and want a poster version for your practice waiting room or clinic then grab one for 10% off today only with the code BLACKFRIDAY2021 at the eGPlearning shop.

A&D UA 611 home BP machine

Grab this validated BP machine by the British Heart Foundation which is one of the best value BP machines on the market. Just be wary of the cuff size being correct for the patient. If not, check out the Omron M2 or Omron M3 which often are also on offer.

Stethoscopes for you

While my personal recommendation for anyone buying a new stethoscope would be the Littmann Eko Core as per this video. However, if you want something of less cost (and no sound cancellation/ Bluetooth) then the Littmann III is always a favourite and on offer right now. Even cheaper still is the MDF One (available in lots of pretty colours) which is my favourite budget stethoscope.

Thermometers for you or your patients

A thermometer is an essential piece of equipment both for practices, clinicians, and their patients. I recommend the Braun series with the Thermoscan 7 being my favourite and the Thermoscan 5 (6020) a good backup option or suitable for patients. I often get asked about no-touch thermometers which I do not recommend often but I do like this one by Duronics that I am currently testing.

For more details on medical equipment that you need in General Practice then check out this video guide.

Blue Yeti Microphone for meetings

Ass we move towards face-to-face and hybrid meetings having a good microphone in your meeting room will be really important. For me, there is none better at this job than the Blue YETI. It has great pick up and can be used for other media work like podcasting or live streaming, but in meetings on omnidirectional mode works simply with MS TEAMS or Zoom for effective sound pick up from all in a wide radius. Cheaper options like this exist but I will always recommend the Blue YETI.

A Masterful mouse for your work or home?

Using a good quality mouse is really important especially when we spend several hours a day using one. The Logitech MX Master series is recognised as one of the best around and all on Prime offer. The base version at a bargain of £32 and the MX 3 is also reduced (what I use). It is one of the most comfortable computer mice and functionally amazing.

And if you want some board game fun check out some amazing modern board game offers right here.

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