Prescription pad nostalgia

Oh, the life of a disused prescription pad in the realm of General Practice…

Once the wielder of power, authority, and the gateway to pharmaceutical delights, I now lie forgotten, collecting dust in a dark drawer.

How I long for the days when doctors would eagerly reach for me, their pen poised to scribble out an unreadable prescription for any ailment, real or imagined.

In the golden age of general practice, patients would flock to their doctors seeking miraculous cures for their self-diagnosed maladies.

A sniffle? Antibiotics for you!

Feeling a bit down? Here, have a week’s supply of mood-enhancing pills.

Who needs a holistic approach to healthcare when a signature on a piece of paper can work wonders?

But alas, those days are gone. Now, doctors are burdened with this pesky thing called “evidence-based medicine.”

It seems they actually have to justify their prescriptions with scientific research and clinical guidelines.

How boring! No more playing the role of a benevolent fairy godmother, granting patients their every pharmaceutical wish.

I remember the good old days when doctors would prescribe antibiotics for every cough, sneeze, or bruise.

It didn’t matter if the ailment was viral or bacterial; a spoonful of antibiotics was the magical cure-all. Who cared about the rise of antibiotic resistance?

It was all about customer satisfaction and keeping those patient feedback scores high.

And let’s not forget the joys of prescribing unnecessary painkillers.

Why bother with physical therapy or alternative treatments when a little pill can mask the problem?

We were the enablers, feeding society’s addiction to instant gratification and quick fixes.

“Doc, I have a headache.” “Here, take a week’s worth of opioids.” Ah, those were the days.

But now, doctors actually listen to their patients, explore non-pharmacological options, and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s all about prevention and shared decision-making. How dull and time-consuming!

Who has the patience for that when you can simply scribble a prescription and send the patient on their way?

So here I lie, a disused prescription pad, a relic of a bygone era.

No longer the star of the show, but a mere spectator in the theater of modern medicine.

As the world moves towards a more rational and evidence-based approach to healthcare, I can’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia for the days when I held the power to heal with the stroke of a pen.

Farewell, my dear doctors, and may your evidence-based guidelines bring you joy, even if it means leaving me behind in the practice drawer of obscurity.

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