Patients Know Best – an eGPlearning Podblast interview with Mohammad Al-Ulbaydli

Do you want to know more about sharing information between clinicians and patients?

In this episode, we hear from Mohammad Al-Ulbaydli the CEO of Patients Know Best (PKB) – who allow you portable online access to your medical information and more.

We cover a variety of aspects including:

  • Why and how he started this company,
  • How this developed into a product
  • The lessons he learned including working with Great Ormand St hospital
  • How PKB works and brings control and safety to patient care
  • How this works with safeguarding data
  • How he came up with the name for PKB
  • How this can be used by practices and primary care networks from now including the cost
  • How sharing patient data can save money in our health economy
  • His favourite work based app: Stitcher – listen to eGPlearning on Stitcher here.
  • His favourite non-work app: Scribd – the netflix of books.
  • How he would spend £100m on health tech with no red tape.
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