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Online consultations made easy for primary care

Online consultations made easy for primary care

Do online consultations scare you as a doctor?

Do you want to know how to make it easy and simple and work?

Watch here and join us as we show you how and some great case studies of how it can really help you and patients. 

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In this guide, Dr Ross Dyer-Smith shares his knowledge about online consultations, his journey to create eConsult, and his top tips for you if you are looking at delivering online consultations for patients – including some controversial case studies that you just have to hear. 

Dr Ross Dyer-Smith :

02:22 Online consultations – the journey

04:30 How did eConsult start?

06:10 My first online consultation 

06:50 How you will feel your first time doing an online consultation

08:10 Understand your online consultation system and patient flow

09:50 How safe is online consultations?

13:25 The patient online consultation journey

17:15 The clinician online consultation experience

18:30 Are online consultation just more work?

22:40 How are online consultations different from 111?

25:00 How can you deal with the patient list?

26:50 How do you close an online consultation?

28:25 Online consultation Golden tip 1

29:50 Online consultation Golden tip 2

35:50 Online consultation Golden tip 3

34:00 How to overcome digital literacy issues?

35:00 How to help non-English speaking patients with online consultation

38:00 Case studies for online consultation

39:00 Case study 1: Do you need to examine the patient?

40:55 Overcoming bureaucracy

43:40 Case study 2: utilising the medical records

47:35 Patient vs the condition in an online consultation

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