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Home blood pressure monitors

There are a variety of home blood pressure monitors that you may use to check your blood pressure. Here is a list of validated machines recommended for use by the British and Irish Hypertension Society and details on their pro’s and cons.

A&D UA611

UA 611 BP cuff
A&D UA611

The UA 611 is a tidy little machine and one of the best value options. Often found for about £15-20 and many GP practices use it and provides a clear reading with a 30-reading memory. It needs 4x AA batteries to work and has a cuff size of 22-32 cm. For larger arms up to 45cm you can purchase the larger cuff here.

Omron M2

Omron X2

The Omron M2 and X2 are commonly used BP machines used by GP practices. They are similar to the UA 611 in design, use, and size but from a more recognised brand as reflected by the slightly higher cost.

Omron M3

Omron X3

The Omron M3 comfort or X3 is the next model up from the M2 but has the benefit of coming with a cuff that is larger at up to 42cm. This size is often better suited to most people and will give accurate results. It needs 4x AA batteries and is validated for use in pregnant women.

Kinetik Wellbeing

The Kinetik Wellbeing is less well known but has a benefit over the others. It is the cheapest validated machine going up to 42cm cuff size. It has a 90-reading memory and it is reliable, including a basic irregular heartbeat guide so excellent value at between £20-25

To learn how to use these machines watch this video below that explains how to check your own blood pressure.

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