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General Practice Resilience

General Practice Resilience with Dr Rachel Morris

What does resilience in General Practice really mean? Hear from Dr Rachel Morris of ‘You are not a Frog’ podcast, about resilience vs burnout and how to protect yourself as a GP

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This episode is sponsored by the GP Taskforce – providing wraparound support for Derbyshire general practice

Dr Rachel Morris –

01:58 You are not a frog podcast

03.06 Tiny habits episode-

03:54 What does resilience mean?

04:54 Does resilience mean saying no?

05:47 Stay in your zone of power. Circles of Control work by Steven Covey (

09:00 How much work do you do?

09:40 Tackling stress

10:23 How many roles do you have?

10:28 Happiness and the traps to avoid

15:13 What is your greatest asset? Essentailism by Greg McKeown 

16:24 GP Well-being

17:32 Schedule your time effectively

18:46 Prioritise by intention

20:04 Decompression time

21:37 Try podcasts like eGPlearning Podblast

22:11 Put your phone DOWN

23:28 Nikki Kanani interview with eGPlearning Podblast 

25:18 Work that you love is still work

26:27 Compensate yourself

27:35 Value your time

29:15 Should you accept being the backstop?

31:03 Take control of your career

31:58 Identify your strengths

33:50 The Shapes collective facebook group

Contact Dr Rachel Morris via:

Twitter @DrRachelMorris 

Email [email protected]

For more about Rachel’s online and face to face resilience training and career development courses for doctors and healthcare professionals –

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This episode is sponsored by the GP Taskforce – providing wraparound support for Derbyshire general practice

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