What is an e-learning portal?

Well in this site, it is a guide to what the internet can do for GPs in the sense of resources, guides and other stuff.

Added in are some of my own experiences and learning points, which I hope will be helpful

But why use this site?

1. The resources page acts as a good start to in-consultation weblinks, which if you do not have the ability to use tabs in a browser, allow easy access to the stated links.

2. Easy to access info via your mobile web browser……..give it a try.

3. Created by a GP for GPs.

4. A focused search tool of the websites listed in general resources. Ideal for quick queries. Search items can also be specified into subgroups: Diagnosis, management or patient information. I apologize for the ads.

5. Check out the new sister project: PhotoConsent -Medical Photography 2.0 . A useful app designed to help healthcare professionals take appropriate images within GMC guidance

6. Follow my own ramblings via my blog: http://egplearning.co.uk/blog/