MobiMOOC week 3

Sorry for the delay, for week 3 of the MobiMOOC we were asked to evaluate our opinions on the OLPC project. Here are my thoughts: OLPC is a great idea implemented awfully. The idea of giving laptops t... Read More

MobiMOOC week 2

Wow what a week The MOOC work is ticking along, so many ideas, thoughts and random craziness, have to admit struggling a little to keep on top of it, however think I am now navigating link after link.... Read More

mlearning definition

The idea of an actual definition of mlearning, has peaked my interest. From discussions via: I submit the following as an evolved definitio... Read More


well already I am learning. I always thought the term mlearning was just elearning but a mobile form but after reading the group discussions and an excellent article by Float learning : http://floatle... Read More

Hello all

Welcome to this blog, as I continue in this working world, thought be prudent to add in some info about what I learn (for CPD) as well as part of my course on a MobiMOOC I have joined, so enjoy... Read More