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  • James Thaxter 5th year medical student

    I felt this was a very useful session as I believe the last teaching I had on ECGs was back in my 3rd year or in my own time. Dr Gandhi’s session was very good at revising what I had learnt previously and also expanding my knowledge further and providing me with useful points to expand on further in my self directed learning time.

    I found Dr Gandhi’s delivery of the material very good. He provided good explanations and alowed the group to ask questions and discuss any relevant points throughtout the session.

  • Sarah Kolb

    Good session with frequent use of examples.
    I think this session was structured well, starting with the basics of reading an ECG and understanding it, moving forward towards more complicated ECG patterns to watch out for near the end of the presentation. Adequate time was given for us to digest the information and ask questions, explanations were simple and clear.
    Us eof a learning video gave the presentation an interesting ‘break’.