General resources

Within this page are simple to use links that allow access to commonly used websites during a consultation. Below is a specific search engine for searching all the below. Use the headings to focus your search. I apologise for the ads.

GP Notebook : A GP’s best friend!!! Just be wary of the evidence based information.

NICE: National Institute of Clinical Excellence – guidelines now on an easier to navigate site. Take a look

Tripdatabse: is a website for those with clinical questions wanting evidence behind them, similar to NHS evidence but a good interface and existing bank of FAQs

Clinical knowledge summaries: Evidence based guide with access to leaflets and recommended by Systm One to the point is embedded in it!

Medstopper: One of my main sites to use now with a handy app too. Polypharmacy and iatrogenic causes of ill health are growing. Here is a key resource to help clinicians and patients navigate the complex world of medications and stopping them!

Summit Medical group: this offers a comprehensive list of physiotherapy exercises for almost every condition, with good explanations and pictures. Changes mean you now have to search a little more. is a great resource for both patient and doctors looking at the reasons to use treatments. A real useful resource. A great site for patient orientated advice, organisation links and some good tools for self-help guides, find the sleep one in particular very helpful.

MdCalc: my favourite catalogue of medical calculators and support tools ie CURB65, Wells score etc.

BNF: The pharmacology bible, you do need a login to access content, also available as an app.

Palliative Care online Plus is an excellent resource for end of life care

UKTIS – best resource I have found for prescribing support in pregnancy. Surpasses the BNF

Lab test online is a useful site for getting information about various lab tests etc.

MIMS: An alternative to the BNF and very good for comparison tables especially contraceptive choice table.

Forms: we fill in hundreds at times and this site has pretty much every kind of form you could desire!!!!