What is technology enhanced primary care learning?

Have you ever felt that you could enhance your continuous professional development (CPD) learning so that it was easier to do?

Many healthcare professionals like doctors, GPs, physicians, nurses and allied health workers could make their lives simpler and easier by using simple tech hacks to make the searching, completion and logging of CPD easy. 

Let me see if I can help you do that.

I am Dr Hussain Gandhi aka Dr Gandalf

I am a GP in England who trains other GPs and medical students.

I am the youngest ever Chair of the local RCGP Vale of Trent faculty, and currently sit on the RCGP central planning and resource committee and local faculty board. 

I am the treasurer of GPSurvival.

I am a published author

I am a website owner

I created an app

I run a podcast both for eGPlearning and for the RCGP

I run the Systm One Facebook User Group (S1 FBUG)

I hold other roles including trustee of a charity. 

I am a self professed Timelord Istari and tech geek.

I can help.

Join below for a free gift and a taster of what we can achieve together.

Help me use technology to enhance my primary care learning

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