The senior insurrection

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Last week I took a brief look at the way OSCEs, as part of the examination process can cause significant stress and strain to and individual aiming to become a doctor. This week I wanted to raise an i... Read More

The O.S.C.E /(CSA) solution

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I shudder at the mere thought of writing this post. The objective structured clinical examination or OSCE, is a phrase/abbreviation that will send chills down the spine of even the most hardened medi... Read More

The PULSE initiative

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First of all i would like to apologize. Last week I promised a follow-on from the care-home classification, however due to a few reasons, that post will be extracted from my noggin for next week. This... Read More

The intimidation factor

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I had planned on continuing the ramblings on GP visits. However recent events made me ponder a more unpleasant issue. I don’t think anyone in this country has been oblivious of the riots from th... Read More

The visit conundrum

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To visit, or not to visit?  That is the question. As a GP, the thought of visits either makes you gooey inside, indifferent to another job still to do, or infuriated at yet ANOTHER job to do. I must... Read More

Black Wednesday

Did anyone notice the thunderstorms and rain, and general dreariness that began on the first Wed of August and continues today? Some may explain the meteorological reasons for this phenomenon, or p... Read More

Appointments = Nightmare

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General practice (GP) appointments are a nightmare. I can never get one at my GP when I want one, and I’m not that choosy over which doctor I see either (I only refuse to see one GP at the pract... Read More