Nikki Kanani interview with eGPlearning Podblast

Nikki Kanani interview with eGPlearning Podblast

Watch/listen to Andy and Gandhi as they talk with Nikki Kanani (Act Director of Primary Care for NHS England) about primary care networks (PCNs), social media, tech in healthcare and boardgames..this is a must watch/listen episode.

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Shout out to Ben Gowland of The General Practice Podcast and Shubz Upadhay of 2 GPs in a pod.

eGPlearning Podblast welcomes Nikki Kanani

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Interesting opportunity for GPs in the Nottingham Area – Digital GP Fellowship Scheme – listen to the end for details

Nikki Kanani – Director Primary Care NHSE

4.30 Why is Nikki Kanani still only the acting Director of Primary care?

7.30 We talk about Next Gen  GP and the impact it can have

8.30 Managing the social media demon – we learn how Nikki managers multiple whatsapp and Twitter channels.

11.20 We talk about is being accessible healthy or not? The pro and cons…

12.00 We ask what support is coming for Primary care networks particularly from a tech perspective

17.50 We ask about interoperability and is it attainable?

20.25 NHSX

22.00 The impact of digital consultations as part of the new contract and how can practices deliver on them for patients?

26.30 We discuss how integrated care systems may impact primary care, like improving outpatient care.

29.00 We ask when the estates report is due?

29.50 We discussed the partnership review by Nigel Watson and if LLPs could be a model for GP partnerships.

32.20 We review the recent news story about the number of GPs and how they are valued, but also how we have significant recruitment issues.

34.40 Hear what technology excites Nikki with its potential impact on primary care?

39.00 The NHS was designed to answer the question are you unwell? The public are now asking am I healthy? Can the modern NHS answer this question?

41.40 What will healthcare look like in 5 years..?

43.40 How much impact with a practice website have on patient services?

45.15 Boardgames and we get to see Nikki’s house!!!! (Monopoly, Risk, Pandemic , the Legacy version and more….)

48.40 We talk about chaiiwala and Farah Jameel’s recent visit to Nottingham

50.00 What is Nikki Kanani’s favourite work based app – her apprasial one

50.53 What is her favourite non-work app – Buddhify and Questido

52.30 If you had £100 million and no red tape, how would you spend it on health tech (ps we agreed that Nikki’s answer would not be taken as NHS policy…..)

56.40 Connect with Nikki via Twitter.

58.00 Digital GP fellowships – are you interested?

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