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Welcome to the weekly showcase of Technology-enhanced primary & learning resources from eGPlearning.

Today learn how to type faster. Working in primary care we do a lot of typing and how quickly you can type may affect how much time you spend at work. Other solutions like dictation software like a previous TipThursday – may be more effective, however if you want to train your fingers try Keybr.

Keybr is a free and effective way to learn to type quicker. The random generation of words helps build the muscle memory to make you type quicker. If logged in, you can keep track of your progress and even compete against others. Using gamification to improve yourself is always more fun than just learning.

This site is a great way to learn to type quicker and if it is on your PDP for appraisal – a nice and quick way to tick that box.

Give it a try and feel free to share your experience. In fact, if you do, screenshot your score and post on either the eGPlearning page, Youtube video or tweet it to @egplearning. The highest score gets a prize (see images below).


  1. One entry per person
  2. Must screenshot score and have reached letter L at least. 
  3. Entries up till next episode of #TipThursday will count. 
  4. Prize will be sent after , please check your SoMe posting platform direct messages for instructions. 

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