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This week I showcase a new system called Dictate.it Live. This app is a dictation service provided by Dictate.it which uses your own personal smartphone as the dictation device and a decent internet connection (3G or higher/wifi) to transcribe your words to then be used quickly and effectively via copy/paste function. 

The dictation software learns the more you use it by using machine learning (see recent interview episode of eGPlearning Podblast with Jon Brassey for more details on this) to fine tune the dictation process. 

It is not perfect, but given it learns and adapts, it is quite useful. The service costs £65 per user per month with no additional hardware costs. The company is quite responsive and helpful. I do like the way it syncs, but you do need a good internet connection for it to be effective – wifi in my view is a must. 

This may present a solution for clinicians who can not type quickly, or if you are looking at managing admin functions in a different way. It could be used to either complement or replace certain practice administrations functions. 

With a two month free trial, I think it is clearly worth a try. Click on this link to see the website and learn more. 


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