#TipsForNewDocs 2019

Black Wednesday is the annual change over of doctors on their rotations and the largest influx of new doctors in the NHS. This all happens on the same day – the first Wednesday of August.

Every year I like to rehash my blog post on the phenomenon that is Black Wednesday. This is in part due to my own personal experience which still occasionally haunts me.

My current challenge each year is navigating the referral process in the situation of a patient admission or seeking hospital-based clinical advice in the first couple of weeks. I must admit the past couple of years this has been made easier with local pathways and the induction app.

However this year, I have been inspired to be a little more positive. This in part is due to the excellent #TipsForNewDocs twitter moment by Dr Mike Farquhar (@Drmikefarquhar) relaying supporting new doctors as a superhero team ( very apt post Avengers Endgame and the Thor one is a particular favourite)

But what other tips are available? Well, plenty and to help I have curated some of my personal favourites. Which are yours?

Share your support this year, tweet using the hashtag #TipsForNewDocs and share your fears, experiences, knowledge, pain and joy.

How else will we all survive Black Wednesday?

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