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With Black Wednesday approaching (see link), I wanted to show you an app that might help with navigating contact to hospital colleagues.

The Induction app by Podmedics enables you to select your local hospitals and search for contact details of wards, departments and even bleeps contacts of relevant teams. The data is peer-sourced – like how Waze map updates its information on locations. This means it is kept relatively accurate. 

You can select extensions as your favourites and even store codes, FAQs and guidelines, however these functions are more relevant for hospital based staff like AiTs (GP trainees) or other junior doctors. Induction also offers extra services for hospitals under their Admin option.

Induction does allow you to dial these contacts directly, but you may need to contact the switchboard for a pre-fix code first for it to work. 

Induction works relatively well. Some numbers are not there and it is not directly primary care relevant as much more useful for hospital based clinicians. However, to get access to direct dials for your local hospital it can be a quicker way than holding for your local switchboard. 

Overall a useful app and definitely one to share as a #TipForNewDocs

You can download the app here:


Apple :

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