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The General Practice Podcast – by Ben Gowland

Recently Andy Foster (@drawfoster) and I (@drgandalf52) of eGPLearning Poblast joined Ben Gowland (@BenxGowland) on his podcast – The General Practice Podcast.

The General Practice Podcast is a weekly podcast based on interviews with notable personalities in healthcare which explores how healthcare can change. Ben interviews his guests to establish their knowledge on a variety of health topics from health tech, new ways of working and innovation.

His interview with us was the first time he ever had another podcaster as a guest.

Listen below to hear how we started the eGPlearning Podblast and what drives us.


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Show Notes

How the Podblast came about (51secs)

The Podblast is aimed at primary care workers, mainly GPs (1min 44secs)

What’s the most useful current technology? (2mins 34secs)

The biggest likely impact of technology on general practice – signposting (4mins 34secs)

The value of current gadgets – and the new systems (5mins 43secs)

Practices and technology – “wake up and get with the programme” (7mins 32secs)

Finding time to innovate (9mins 12secs)

The threat of the new big players in the market (10mins 16secs)

The involvement of the private sector and the views of patients (11mins 49secs)

Technology shaping the future of general practice – the frustrations of legacy systems (14mins 33secs)

The impact of the millennials (16mins 47secs)

Aspirations for the future (17mins 48secs)

Finding the podcast (19mins 47secs)

The eGPLearning Podblast is available on iTunes and YouTube

Dr Gandhi runs and is on Twitter @drgandalf52

Dr Foster has a blog and is on Twitter @drawfoster







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