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NHS long term plan – Primary Care and Health Tech News Blast ep 2

Watch the NHS Long term plan- Primary Care and Health Tech News Blast, covering:

  • the #10YLTP (#NHSLongTermPlan )
  • 5 year GP training pilots
  • a GP being hit in the stomach with a crossbow
  • drug shortages including my challenge to @MattHancock et al
  • and more

Hello eGPlearners,  in this news update- covering the big stories for primary care over the past week….

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Let us start

Long term plan

Called the 10year plan or 10YLTP released on 7.1.19. This video is a review of the executive summary, as the full document is 136 pages long as will take some time to digest.

What are the headline points?

Split into seven chapters.

Chapter 1

Spend an increased amount of funds on bringing successfully implemented changes to healthcare of care to other areas.

Right to digital GP consultations. (doesn’t say video).

Focus on networks of practices (likely to be called either neighborhoods or PCNs) to deliver care in communities for primary, community and social care to prevent hospital admissions.

Focus on social prescribing, personal health budgets and the voluntary sector.

Guarantee of a greater rate of funding for the first time ever under a Tory government for primary care using the previously announced £4.5b for community care by 2023/4.

Shift away from hospital-based care for both outpatients (maybe video consultations for outpatient to reduce infrastructure costs like estates/parking etc).

Video Consultations in primary care:

Focus on urgent treatment centres instead of emergency departments and same day discharge from acute wards.

Chapter 2


Focus on prevention ie stop smoking, obesity programme, supporting reducing alcohol – much of this seems public health territory no longer funded by local councils – sharing the costs or shuffling the money?

Focus on deprived groups with outcomes like smoking rates in pregnancy, learning disabled /autistic patients and homeless patients to name a few based on locally supported programmes.

Chapter 3.

This identifies priorities for care quality and improvements, particularly on mental health. Focus on cancer survival, maternity-related deaths, increasing planned (elective surgery) and ring-fenced funds for mental health (2.3bn a year by 2023/4)

Chapter 4

Looking at Workforce, reintroducing training budgets for health education England (taken away in recent reforms) and a workforce implementation plan for later this year. Increased funding for nursing training and routes into training including recruitment from overseas. Also new roles with a focus on professional development especially in primary care based on networks.

Chapter 5

Details the focus on technology including digital access for all, interoperability of data and use of new technology like AI. This chapter will be covered in more detail in our in-depth look later in the month.

Chapter 6

Looks at changes to the financial structure of the NHS to maintain funding increases to prevent challenges in the future including various efficiencies ie saving £700m in administrative costs.

Chapter 7

The final chapter explained the implementation of the plan including legislative changes to enable rapid implementation. It recommends changes to: create publicly-accountable integrated care locally; to streamline the national administrative structures of the NHS, and remove the overly rigid competition and procurement regime applied to the NHS. This includes the shift to integrated care system models by 2021.

5y GP training

Straight from med school – pilot not really 5y as same time in training just different spread

Man shots GP with a crossbow

Lone worker risks – Zero Tolerance or not?

We provide a health care service but are not servants.

Rivaroxaban shortage

Furosemide, naproxen, most eye drops,

Impact on workload is unaccounted and risk to patient care being held by GPs and pharmacists.

Look at formal joint guidance from NHS England/RCGP/BMA/Royal Pharmaceutical Society for how clinicians can safeguard patients should further short or long term shortage supplies hit.


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