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How to set up your GP practice Facebook Page

Set up your GP practice Facebook page – a walkthrough tutorial

Do you know how to set up a Facebook page for your GP practice? This video is a walkthrough guide looking at all the relevant settings for a GP practice to start using Facebook. 

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In this episode, I will show you how to set up your GP practice Facebook page.

This includes what media you need and the relevant dimensions, with resources to save you time. 


I will then show you which settings you must take notice of and adjust, and how to use the settings to save you time. 

This is a complete guide on how to set up your GP practice Facebook page.

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3 replies on “How to set up your GP practice Facebook Page”

Hi Dr Gandalf,

I am setting up a Facebook page for my practice and just have a question with regards to setting up a practice Facebook profile as well to run the page on. Would that be more straightforward and allow more people to access it because it’s coming from a generic profile rather than someone’s personal account i.e. mine?



Thank you for the message Jocelyn. I would have a ‘practice’ profile that you can then allow others to use in the practice to coordinate. It is what I do for our practice and set up as a business account as you get more features.

Hi Dr Gandalf,

I am quite keen to start a FB Page for the surgery that I work with but wanted to know if there is a way we can hide comments (patients in this case) and not be shown on the FB page at all. Basically I want to use this page as a one-way communication tool

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