eGPlearning Podblast- Interview with Dr Aman Arora of Arora Meded

Interview with Dr Aman Arora of Arora Meded
eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech talk by two Nottingham based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators.

Hosted by Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) and Dr Andrew Foster (@drawfoster).

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Listen to this eGPlearning interview with Dr Aman Arora of Arora Medical Education. Aman has spent the past few years supporting and guiding trainees through GP training both at home and abroad. He is a programme director and one of the youngest RCGP Fellows in the country.

His innovative use of social media and technology is what sets Arora Medical Education apart from other similar ventures, and in this interview, hosted by Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drgandalf52), we discuss how he created Arora Medical Education and where the future will take him.

For further information you can find Arora Medical Education in any of these formats:


Podcast- . On Soundcloud- started after our interview

Facebook: arorameded

Twitter: @arorameded

Instagram: AroraMeded

Youtube: AmanArora

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a: Nottingham UK
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