Reblog: 10 insider tips I bet you don’t know about your GP appointment

GP appointment tips

I wanted to signpost you all to a great resource for a patient to use with their GP appointments and time management support.

10 insider tips I bet you don’t know about your GP is by Jon Griffiths (@DrJonGriffiths), a previously reblogged GP. The article is comprehensive covering why GPs run late and useful to share with patients and wider spheres.


In list order they are:

  1. Your GP would like to give you more time
  2. Your GP does not like lists
  3. If you arrive 10 minutes late, you have missed your appointment.
  4. Your GP is not telepathic
  5. Your GP is a specialist
  6. Your GP is self-employed
  7. Your GP wants the best for you
  8. Your GP is not taking part in a medical drama.
  9. Your GP might play golf, but probably not in their lunch break!
  10. Your GP has entrusted their reception staff with an important job

The article covers each point with clear explanations.

In addition, there are links to videos that may also help (click on each heading)

Have a more detailed look at the article and full video below:




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