You wouldn’t….

Today a colleague (Ed Pooley) of mine made an astute observation.

The generation shifts from baby boomers, to Generation X and Y and now the millenials,  and the way people view the world now means many want services to function in a convenient way for them, regardless of whether it is paid for or free. No other services is this more evident than our current NHS. How the public use our primary healthcare service has changed.

Having worked in healthcare for 10 years now I have seen both the best and the worst of public use of the NHS. Frustratingly, abuse of our healthcare service is increasing, as are the demands on a clearly strained system. So the following post speaks close to my heart.

To be clear, there are many patients use our NHS appropriately and sensibly. Also the NHS will never be perfect – no system micromanaged by any Government ever could be, particularly when it is the best vote winning football in  the election campaigning ‘game’.

However, many of those in healthcare are aware that our NHS is failing fast and the ongoing misuse by a growing population means we may lose it soon.

you wouldn’t want that …….would you?

You wouldn’t……

You wouldn’t shout at your mortgage advisor if you turned up an hour late and they told you to re-book.

You wouldn’t argue that your lawyer didn’t know what they were talking about if they gave you legal advice.

You wouldn’t insist that your hairdresser washed your hair when you’d only booked in for a haircut.

You wouldn’t demand to have published details of how much your child’s teacher earns per year.

You wouldn’t ask for a letter from your driving instructor to get off a driving offence.

You wouldn’t  ask a shopkeeper to provide you with free nappies because you didn’t bring any.

You wouldn’t  sue Volkswagon because you were involved in an accident.

You wouldn’t complain if you had to take your pet to the vets instead of working.

You wouldn’t turn up for a massage without washing.

If so….

Why wouldn’t you consider doing these things before berating your GP?


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