The blogosphere reality

I would like to start this with an apology. Sorry.

I apologize for the grammar and literary ‘faux pas’ made in earlier posts. My attention was brought to the stark reality of some of my posts, and as a result, these ramblings of mine will be changing. A few people pointed out to me that I should blog more about what I am passionate about. I am very passionate about primary care, the way it works or not at certain times, and the multidisciplinary and  inter-professional workings of the engine we call the NHS. I am also a little (emphasis on a little) tech geek. So I hope  in later posts to showcase my drive and passion for these two areas, with occasional references to my practical work as an educator and teacher, as well as an advocate for newly qualified GPs. With these in mind I hope to make my contribution to the blogoshpere.

Thank you for those who have supported me, apologies to those who I may have caused offence to,  welcome to those yet to experience the inner workings of my mind.

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