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Standing desks in General Practice

Do you want to know what it is like to use a standing desk in General Practice? Watch this video to see if this is your new time saver and patient engagement method.

On your Feet Britain: a campaign to get people to be more active
Get Britain standing: a campaign to use standing desks.

Standing desks in General Practice can be useful and effective both for clinician health and improved patient engagement and education.

Also see how standing desk use is viewed from a patient perspective in consultation.

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Standing desk to consider in General Practice

Flytta 2 desk: A great full standing desk and consistently top of class. Can be bought without the top if needed.

DrGandalf’s YoYo- 90: The actual desk I use, robust and stable. Great desk riser

YoYo 90 plus anti-fatigue mat: As above with the anti-fatigue mat combination good for getting started.

The facts benefits and cons of using standing desks.

The truth about Standing desks:

Alternate standing desks in general practice

Duronic DM05D1 desk riser: A cheaper desk riser, good base but I prefer the YoYo brand.

Flexispot anti-fatigue mat: A good mat to help prevent fatigue after standing.

YoYo desk mini: The smaller YoYo version. Also has a larger variant at 120cm if wanted.

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