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Remote access for General Practice

Remote access for General Practice – a solution by Real VNC

Do you need remote access to your systems to improve clinical care, provide practice resilience or just keep running? Join Dr Nick Grundy and I as we talk about Real VNC  which can help you do this, and for free!

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With COVID and all the changes that have happened, the ability to remotely access your clinical system can provide effective practice management, provide better patient and staff safety and enable resilience in your practice. 

But many areas are limited by how quickly this can be enabled. In this episode, we talk with Dr Nicholas Grundy (current chair of GPSurvival and Richmond GP alliance) about using Real VNC to enable remote access to his practice. 

Neither of us work or are affiliated with Real VNC. 

We cover:

Why his practice and area struggled to get access

How he went about testing solutions and found Real VNC

How Real VNC works to provide remote access for General Practice

Logistic and security measures to be safe

Cost of the system and how to get it for free

Try Real VNC for free here:

Croydon GP collective guide to installing and using Real VNC for remote access for general practice:

Richmond GP alliance installation guide:

Installing Real VNC managers guide:

Both Nick and I are part of GPSurvival- support us here:

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How to register with the NHS app:

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