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ReBlog – Writing publicly and social media

A peer on one of the many Facebook groups for GPs has started an excellent blog called GP and Human. 

This charts her journey as both a GP and a patient. It is well worth a read and the post on The Other Side is hauntingly poetic and powerful.

However for the eGPlearners this following article is an excellent perspective on blogging and social media use as a clinician with some interesting reflective points.

What I find useful is the honesty in the post and the open dialect. Blogging is hard and talking about such a personal topic even more challenging. A really affirming post.

Writing publicly and social media

Posted on  by gpandhuman

A friend has questioned my involvement with facebook. With the view that it is not good for me whilst I am feeling this way. A fair enough opinion.

Here’s my thoughts….

I have a love hate relationship with social media and facebook in particular which is really the only platform I personally use.

I hate how it sucks people in to the point of obsession; they are glued to their screens in preference to living a ‘real life.’ Missing out on so much to see and do. Missing the precious finer details of their children’s lives.

I hate how people broadcast parts of their lives that aren’t appropriate or necessary for public viewing. It’s not for me to know about the difficulties in a relationship and so on. I don’t need to know what your coffee looks like.

I hate how it can look like everybody else has a perfect life. Facebook friends doing so many wonderful things that you never get around to. Discussions on parenting forums that make you feel like the worst parent in the world.


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